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The most essential part of any man's wardrobe are the dress shirts that he owns. You may go to a business meeting wearing a jacket or a neck tie, but you will certainly be wearing your dress shirt! A neck tie is a nice accessory that can complement or detract from great shirts, but it is the dress shirt alone that stands out as the key fashion choice when it comes to dressing for success. Whether you wear a formal shirt or one casual in nature depends on the setting, but dress shirts are a requirement for any confident and well dressed businessman.

If you decide to purchase the dress shirts for your wardrobe at the department store, then your range of options in terms of fabric, fit, and customization is extremely limited. The buyers that work at the department store will determine what are popular colors and what type of collars and cuffs are most appropriate. Now is their particular taste more important than yours? Do you want someone else determining the look of the most important piece of your business wardrobe?

Once you decide that you do not want to follow the pack on this, you will realize there is another tantalizing option for you. Go online and have custom dress shirts made just for you. One of the benefits when buying online is the range of colors and fabrics that are there for you to choose from. You are not limited by the decisions of some purchasing agent, you are the decision maker! Of course White and Blue are still the most popular colors for a business shirt, we offer many shades and fabric variants in those two colors. Go View our great selection of Pinstriped and Striped or Checked material if you want some diversity in your executive wear. Click on the video above to learn about

custom dress shirts online


Selecting different collars/cuffs is done by simpling using your mouse! There are several different options of fit as well, you can use your standard size, use custom measurements, or go for a "hybrid" size by just defining the taper you want on a standard dress shirt size. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website to see how easy it is for you to standout when wearing the most important piece of your business wardrobe, your dress shirts.